2018 Philippines & Palau



I reflect on our amazing…

adventure as I sort my many images. We had so many incredible encounters on this expedition with the wild and wonderful creatures of the sea. I often catch myself gazing at an image, day dreaming about the wow moments we all had together.

My mind spins back to the start of our adventure with the lifetime indelible memory of the sleek and stunning Pelagic Thresher sharks silently patrolling the reef top and having them all to ourselves on our own private dive site. Our two very different Whale shark experiences were equally amazing, the vision of the large shape of the shark gliding towards me with all my Wild Earth Explorers finning to keep up over head, is a sight I will not forget. I loved the tinny tiny bodies and the disproportionate sized eyes of the adorable Tarsiers, it makes me grin as a I recall our first glimpse of the little one in the tree near the gate as we entered the sanctuary. The Philippines delivered lush coral gardens, turtles and bizarre critters. I delighted in everyone’s excitement as you returned from your muck dives with sightings of seahorses, frogfish and Flamboyant cuttlefish and more. Tim Rock offered some genuine local flavour to our stopover in Guam before we touched down in the magical Rock Islands of Palau. Wow Palau! Zooming through the ridiculously beautiful islands, over the many hues of aqua blue water and rolling into the crystal clear blue water set our spirits flying high. The Palau diving had us surrounded by schooling jacks, Big-eyed barracuda, sharks and our friendly escort Al the Maori wrasse. Slipping into inky black water in search of deep water oddities and a chance to glimpse the elegance of the Manta rays that came to feast around our ship. Our eyes were wide open as we zipped from here to there as we watched on as the Bumped Headed parrot fish spawned in the early morning light. Hooking in and flying in the current is a sensation that sent all of our hearts soring and will, I promise you, have you return for more one day.

It was wonderful traveling with you and I look forward to our next adventure together.

Best fishes,