13 OCT - 02 NOV 2020  •  21 DAYS • 16 GUESTS

Archeological finds dating back over 3 million years, ancient cities with churches cut out of the rock face and bountiful wildlife, all combined with a colorful and diverse culture, make Ethiopia an incredibly unique destination. With lush highlands, stirring deserts, sweeping savannah, vast lakes and high plateaus, all host to an abundance of wildlife. Let us take you on an incredible journey from the majestic Simien mountains in the Northern Highlands, to the southern Omo Valley with its rich mosaic of ethnic tribes. Join us for the ultimate adventure to what is said to be the origin of mankind, the beautiful forgotten world of Ethiopia.

Visit the fortified city of Gondar, known as Africa’s Camelot. Head to the Simien Mountains National Park with its spectacular jagged landscapes and plains of Giant Lobelias often called ‘God’s playground’ due to its unique formations. Get close to endemic Ethiopian animals, including grass-grazing Gelada baboons, Walia ibex and the elusive ‘Abyssinian fox’ otherwise known as the Ethiopian wolf. Head south to Bahir Dar and the peaceful waters of Lake Tana; explore the scattered islands on this vast lake; visit hidden, ancient monasteries; enjoy the dance of White pelicans, Black-crowned cranes and hippopotamus bathing in the shallows, as fisherman gently paddle past in their traditional ‘tankwa’ papyrus boats. Venture to the small hillside town of Lalibela, one of the holiest towns in the heart of Ethiopia and visit the awe-inspiring rock-cut churches, their impressive architecture now a UNESCO world heritage site.

From the valleys and escarpments of the Northern Highlands, head south via Addis Ababa to the Great Rift Valley, overnighting on the shores of one of Ethiopia’s most beautiful lakes, Lake Awassa. Drive south through the countryside dotted with ethnic dwellings and nomadic tribes, into the heart of the Omo Valley and visit the towns of Jinka, Turmi and Konso. Witness the diverse tribal cultures of this region, one of the few places in the world where you can still find indigenous people that have had minimal influence from the outside world. Arba Minch is known for the Dorze people, famed for their huge beehive shaped huts and weaving skills, Jinka is where we find the Hamar people, recognizable by their, muddy ochre-tinted hair. Around Turmi live the cattle-herding Dassanech tribe and the Mursi tribe, whose women wear clay plates in their lower lips or ear lobes and unique head dresses. From the ethnic heartland head north to Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia’s most scenic park at an altitude of 600m-4000m (1800ft-12000ft), with one of the highest numbers of endemic animal species in the world. Keeping a watch for the Mountain Nyala, Giant Mole rats and the elusive Bale monkeys. An unmissable adventure into a forgotten world.


  • Visit the indigenous tribes of the Omo Valley.

  • Journey through the Simien and Bale Mountains.

  • Enjoy diverse and unique landscapes.

  • See bountiful wildlife including Gelada baboons, Ethiopian wolf, Walia ibex, Giant Mole rats, Mountain nyala, Black-crowned cranes and hippopotamus.

  • Travel to Lalibela with its gravity defying churches carved into the rock face.

  • Meet many ethnic tribal groups throughout the country

  • Enjoy authentic meals and an evening in a traditional Ethiopian home.

  • Travel to the ends of the earth to the Danakil Depression to see the camel caravans transporting hand-mined salt.


Pre-Extension - Danakil–Desert, Lava, Salt & Camels

10-14 OCT 2020 ● 5 DAYS ● 16 GUESTS

Take a journey to one of the lowest places on earth on our Pre-extension to The Danakil Depression. Home to the Afar people, a semi-nomadic group who ‘mine’ salt by hand in one of the toughest, driest and hottest places on earth. Climb the Erta Ale Volcano to see the bubbling, hissing, steaming lava.  At Dallol, wander in awe at the outlandish active geysers and surreal acid lakes, with boiling gases and rich minerals creating a kaleidoscope of psychedelic colors. Explore salt canyons with crusty towers and pinnacles and the mythical Lake Afrera at 100m (300ft) below sea-level. Finally, head out to the salt flats and watch the caravan of camels, donkeys and mules transporting salt ‘mined’ by the Afar people. Said to be one of the most visually stunning places in the world, an epic and rewarding adventure unlike any other.

*Please note that this Pre-extension will truly take you to the center of the Earth, so be prepared for the extremes, this is not for the faint-hearted and you need to be mentally and physically prepared to participate in this extension. You can expect basic facilities, remote locations, energetic hikes, hot days and cold nights.


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Right from the beginning of our contact with your company we had timely and professional responses, so we knew it was going to be a well organised trip. What we didn’t expect was such intimate contact with the villagers and such insight into their customs, traditions and way of life. Thomas, Suzanne and Natalia, you were fantastic at educating us about so many aspects of PNG and its people, providing access to villages through your personal contacts and also giving so much energy to the group. The whole trip was an amazing experience, shared with a wonderful group of travellers and led by knowledgeable, prepared, well connected, calm and enthusiastic guides. As first time Wild Earth Explorers, we loved it and we will be back to experience other journeys in the future.
— Susie & John C., Australia - 2018 Papua New Guinea



10-14 OCT 2020 - 05 DAYS – 16 GUESTS

Day 01| Oct 10 Arrive in Addis Ababa

Day 02| Oct 11 Fly Addis Ababa to Mekele / Hamed Ella

Day 03| Oct 12 Dallol Depression

Day 04| Oct 13 Erta Ale Volcano

Day 05| Oct 14 Travel to Mekele / Fly Addis Ababa / Start Main Expedition  


13 OCT – 02 NOV 2020 - 21 DAYS – 16 GUESTS

Day 01| Oct 13 Depart home en route to Ethiopia

Day 02| Oct 14 Arrive in Addis Ababa                                      

Day 03| Oct 15 Fly to Awassa / Bale Mountains

Day 04| Oct 16 Bale Mountains

Day 05| Oct 17 Flight to Arbaminch / Dorze Village

Day 06| Oct 18 Boat on Lake Chamo / Konso Village

Day 07| Oct 19 Mursi Village / Drive to Turmi

Day 08| Oct 20 Karo Village / Dimeka Market

Day 09| Oct 21 Hamer Village / Drive to Jinka / Fly Bahir Dar

Day 10| Oct 22 Lake Tana Monasteries / Blue Nile Falls

Day 11| Oct 23 Drive to Lalibela / Awramba and Amhara Villages

Day 12-13| Oct 24-25 Explore Lalibela

Day 14| Oct 26 Fly Lalibela to Axum / Axum visit

Day 15| Oct 27 Fly to Gondar / Gondar Visit

Day 16| Oct 28 Drive to Simien Mountains National Park

Day 17-18| Oct 29-30 Explore Simien Mountains

Day 19| Oct 31 Drive to Gondor / Fly to Addis Ababa

Day 20| Nov 01 Fly home or continue to Seychelles (arriving same day)

Day 21| Nov 02 Arrive home

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Please note that if you wish to take photographs of the various tribal people in the Omo valley, it is required to pay a camera fee for each photo taken of any tribal people. At this this time camera fees are only charged in the Omo Valley. Depending on how many photos you plan to take, the total amount could amount in excess of $250 per person if you plan on taking roughly 500 photos of these tribal people. As with all Wild Earth Expeditions trips, we will include for you a selection of the best photos, but if you wish to personally take photographs and videos you will be responsible to pay any camera fees.



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