31 OCT - 14 NOV 2020  •  12 GUESTS

Dense virgin rainforest, granite outcrops, spectacular islands with pure white sand beaches, secluded coves, pristine waters, mysterious ship wrecks, and colourful coral gardens, all help create a variety of environments that nurture an amazing array of endemic species, from the smallest frog to the heaviest land tortoise and an abundance of nesting seabirds. The 115 islands in the archipelago of the Seychelles are a virtual living museum of natural history and a sanctuary to some of the rarest species of flora and fauna on earth. The tropical, crystal clear waters that lap against the white powder beaches are teeming with an abundance of life from the smallest of critters to the largest, the Whale Shark. Come with us on an intimate journey through the breath-taking natural beauty of the Seychelles islands.

Start your journey at the most scenic and famous of the granitic inner islands - Praslin, La Digue and Silhouette. In Praslin enjoy the timeless beauty of the forest of the Valle de Mai, a ‘slice of Eden’ and UNESCO world heritage site, with its endemic Coco de Mer palms. Over 50% of the land mass of the Seychelles is national parks and protected areas. Enjoy the characteristic smooth granite rocks and white sandy beaches of La Digue; and walk through the virgin rainforest full of rare hardwoods, exotic orchids and carnivorous pitcher-plants on Silhouette, the 3rd largest of the Granitic islands. 

For unrivalled access to the more remote inner islands what better way than by privately chartered yacht. Spend seven incredible days exploring the more remote Granitic and coralline inner islands of the Seychelles Archipelago. Experience a wide variety of reef and marine life including reef sharks, stingrays, batfish, lobsters, octopus, barracuda and turtles. Discover natural marine reserves, with huge boulders, dramatic vertical walls, underwater mazes and swim-throughs unique to the Seychelles. Walk through significant island nature reserves filled with unique flora and birdlife and see the Giant Tortoises roaming freely. Our private charter allows you to experience first-hand the underwater riches and unique wildlife that make the Seychelles so special.


  • Sail through the paradise islands onboard our exclusively chartered yacht limited to 12 guests only.

  • Visit virgin rainforest, granite outcrops, spectacular islands and secluded coves.

  • Immerse yourself in the bountiful wildlife of remote islands and national parks.

  • Enjoy the crystal-clear waters and rich marine life.

  • Walk along pristine white-sand beaches and see the many nesting seabirds.

  • Dive and snorkel marine reserves with huge boulders, dramatic walls and coral reefs.

  • Spot one of the rarest birds and meet the heaviest land tortoise in the world.

  • Marvel at reef sharks and turtles in shallow lagoons.

  • Explore the ‘Jurassic” Valle de Mai with its unique endemic Coco de Mer palms.

  • Stay at gorgeous high-end island resorts and experience the diversity of these islands.


Post Extension - Alphonse Island, Seychelles  

14-20 NOV 2020 ● 5 DAYS ● 12 GUESTS

For the perfect finish to your Seychelles adventure, join us on our Post Extension to luxurious Alphonse Island, the quintessential island paradise. The Alphonse coral atoll group is considered one of the most pristine, untouched Edens of the world, making it a nature lover’s haven and home to some of the best diving in the Seychelles. The magnificent island trio comprising of Alphonse, St. Francoise and Bijoutier lies in the very heart of the Indian Ocean as part of the Seychelles outer island group. Join the Island Conservation team on their daily routine, measuring green and hawksbill turtle tracks, tagging turtles and marking new nests; or go birdwatching with one of the islands knowledgeable guides at sunset to see thousands of red-footed boobies returning to roost, as frigate birds wait to harass them.  Experience the raw beauty of an untouched natural sanctuary on a tropical island paradise in the far reaches of the Indian Ocean. With miles of unblemished shorelines, lagoons, healthy corals, magnificent marine life and sea flats it really has the tropical island feel and is the perfect finish to your Seychelles adventure.


You've got that "I don't want to miss out" feeling for a good reason. Our expeditions are life changers and we have a solid following of Wild Earth Explorers who love returning to adventure with us. Don't hesitate in reserving your space today.  

Once again my recent (sixth!) Wild Earth Expeditions adventure to Fiji and Tonga delivered on all fronts. We enjoyed thrilling shark dives, extraordinary reefs of soft coral in every colour of the rainbow, snorkelling up close and personal with humpback mothers and calves and so much more. Our little group included travellers of all ages and seven different countries, which enriched the overall fabric for sure. Wild Earth Expeditions considers every detail throughout, so joining them sets the stage for a wonderful adventure. I’m a huge Wild Earth Expeditions fan and can’t wait for my next adventure.
— Freddy G. USA - 2017 Fiji & Tonga



31 OCT - 15 NOV - 16 Days – 12 Guests         

Day 01 | Oct 31 Depart Home / En Route to Mahe, Seychelles

Day 02 | Nov 01    Arrive in Mahe / Welcome cocktails

Day 03 | Nov 02    Mahe City Tour / Travel to Silhouette

Day 04-05 | Nov 03 -04    Dive/snorkel Granite and Coral reefs ofSilhouette / Nature walks

Day 06 | Nov 05    Transfer to La Digue and visit Praslin en route / Vallee de Mai

Day 07 | Nov 06    Exploration ofLa Digue’s beaches by bike

Day 08 | Nov 07    La Digue / Board MS Galatea and set sail

Day 09-14 | Nov 08-13   Spend 7 days exploring the Seychelles islands

Day 15 | Nov 14   Disembark in Mahe and fly home OR Post Extension to Alphonse Island

Day 16 | Nov 15   Arrive home



14 - 20 NOV - 5 Days – 12 Guests

Day 01 | Nov 14   Fly Mahe to Alphonse / Welcome cocktails

Day 02-05 | Nov 15-18   Diving, Snorkelling and Island exploration                                                     

Day 06 | Nov 19  Fly Alphonse to Mahe / International flight home

Day 07 | Nov 20   Arrive home



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The MS Galatea was built in 1987 and had a full refit in Bodrum, Turkey in 2013. Originally a Turkish steel schooner it was purchased by Blue Sea Divers for the purpose to extend their range and offer diving cruises around the Seychelles.

With an overall length of 30 meters with diving platform, the vessel has 7 staterooms including 1 spacious Master Suite with a king bed. All other cabins are furnished with a queen bed, en-suite bathroom and a/c (PLEASE NOTE NO TWIN BEDS AVAILABLE). MS Galatea has an outside relaxing area on the top deck with sunbeds, an outdoor dining area and an indoor lounge, as well as the specifically designed dive deck with outside shower and fishing area. The vessel has been specifically designed for cruising, diving, snorkelling and fishing the tropical waters of the Seychelles. The yacht is equipped with the latest safety features including Oxygen, well equipped 1st aid kit, Life Jackets, Fire Extinguishers, Smoke Alarms, and Emergency Long Distance Radios. There is also a kayak and paddle-board available. Nitrox is not available onboard the MS Galatea.



Geraldine 'JD' Massyn

Trip Designer & Expedition Leader



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PHOTO CREDIT © Thomas & Natalia, Alphonse Island, Mason’s, Adobe Stock