Postcard: Egypt & The Red Sea 2019


Desert Sands, Ancient Monuments & Magnificent Marine Life


As I reflect on our adventure across the diverse and beautiful country of Egypt, with Lisa as our very competent Expedition Leader sharing her intimate knowledge of the country, we were able to take our Explorers on a journey filled with unique experiences.

What a treat, to be able to stand inside one of the oldest religious library's in the world as the characteristic monk casually leafed through the pages of an ancient manuscript; to float above the Nile as the sun rose over the Theban mountains in a hot air balloon; to watch children play in the murky waters of the Nile as we sailed past on our traditional Dahabiya. We experienced moon-lit Bedouin dinners on the beach, trekked in the desert mountains of the Sinai, witnessed the magic of Karnak temple as booming voices of ancient pharaohs echoed throughout on the Sound and Light Show, and explored farmlands and villages on camel back. The marine life was exceptional, Robin was moved to tears when a friendly pod of Risso's dolphins came to our boat whilst in the Marine Parks of Ras Mohamed and Tiran; we were surrounded by a wealth of fish large and small amidst vivid and healthy soft and hard corals. Our week at sea, sailing in the southern Red Sea on our privately chartered yacht was equally rewarding. We experienced magnificent swim throughs and caves and got up close and personal with an Oceanic White Tip, Manta and Hammerheads Sharks.


Prior to our Egypt adventure, I was fortunate to spend a couple of weeks scouting a future trip to Sudan. The diving was absolutely phenomenal (some of the best!), with fantastic shark action, healthy reefs and gorgeous atolls. Stay tuned, as we most certainly will be putting together a Sudan expedition in the coming years, once the dust settles politically.

What an exceptional Egyptian adventure with an incredible group of Wild Earth Explorers! So many fond memories to cherish until our return.

Best wishes,

Thomas Baechtold

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We have just returned from Egypt and the Red Sea on our honeymoon trip with Wild Earth Expeditions. Words fall short to fully express how life-changing this experience was for me. Lisa, Robin and Thomas set the stage to make a life-long dream come true. This trip was so much more than playing on the pyramids and swimming with sharks. It was immersive. We were treated with experiences that exceeded the traditional tourist sites while getting the complete feel of the culture both past and present. The greatest gift that the Wild Earth team provides, is making our large world seem small enough to feel connected - whether it is the up-close encounters with wildlife below the surface or an invitation to the inner sanctum of sacred places. Receiving the gift to be reminded that we are all connected, expands the soul and makes the world more complete. What a blessing to be forever changed
— Dawn & Tom E., USA  - Egypt & the Red Sea 2019