Postcard: Magical Voyage to Paradise - 2017 Indonesia


Indonesia is one of our all-time favourite places on the planet. Thomas and Robin and ten Wild Earth Explorers have just returned from an exceptional 3-week adventure through the remote islands of Eastern Indonesia to the heart of the coral triangle.

Next October we are repeating this incredible expedition and have just 1 Last Room/Cabin Available. Take this opportunity to be the one to grab this last space. 




Komodo, Ubud, West Papua through the remote islands of Raja Ampat, Misool, Ceram, Gorong, through the Banda Sea to the Spice Islands and Ambon


 Komodo Dragons, Red Bird of Paradise doing Mating dance, fruit bats, fresh water eels, Manta rays, schools of Jacks, Bat fish, Barracudas and Sweet lips, Turtles, Napoleon wrasse, reef sharks, Mandarin fish doing nighty mating ritual, guitar shark on night snorkel, Flamboyant cuttlefish, frog fish, pygmy Sea horses, Harlequin Ghost Pipefish, octopus, eels, crabs and spectacularly colored nudibranches, rare purple Weedy Scorpion fish, jawfish carrying its live brood of hundreds of babies in it’s mouth and a 25-30m Blue Whale!



No words can truly describe this adventure, it exceeded my dreams, thanks to you for truly knowing how to run this company and deliver us with little behind the scenes extras! Amazing! Cannot wait for another expedition in 2018. The people you attract are grand and I know I’ve made new friends. Robin was brilliant in every way possible. I’ve never met anyone like her. So much knowledge to share and ever so kind and funny. But, then again, I’ve never met anyone like you either. Thanks for a grand experience and new memories…You are just the BEST!
— Kat F., United States


We were privileged to see the rare Red Bird of Paradise doing it’s mating dance, had close encounters with very active Komodo Dragons, climbed hills with panoramic views over idyllic islands and lagoons, spent time in the river with large water eels swirling around our feet, enjoyed boat cruises amongst lime stone islands and saw tens of thousands of fruit bats fill the sky against the backdrop of seemingly endless sunsets.

Onboard our luxurious yacht and in our wonderful beachfront bungalows we were spoilt with mouth-watering food, tantalizing massages, outstanding service and great lectures from our fabulous marine biologist Robin.


Our private Balinese Villa in Ubud was something straight out of the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”, with scenic rice terraces and temples. We got shown the ‘secrets’ of Balinese cooking and watched a Balinese dance performance as we ate our traditional meal under the stars. 

With glassy seas and the water temperature a perfect balmy 30C, the snorkeling and diving was simply breathtaking. Spectacular coral pinnacles; channels filled with the largest Gorgonian fans; wonderful shallow coral gardens with an abundance of colorful fish life; and drift dives with an abundance of Reef & Pelagic life.

Wild Earth Expeditions has once again exceeded all expectations! Even if some copy your itineraries, they will find themselves wondering what is missing - it’s not just the places you choose to visit Thomas, but how we come to see these wonders of nature through your eyes. There is a value beyond measure that you and Wild Earth Expeditions offer - and that’s why you will see us until there are no teeth left to hold the mouthpiece of my diving regulator in place ;-) We have had a grand time and look forward to our upcoming Wild Earth adventures to Cuba, Philippines & Palau, Borneo, Polynesia, etc, etc.
— Freddy G. & Pam V., United States - 2017 Indonesia

One of our explorers got a very unique birthday gift as she witnessed a 25-30m Blue Whale breaching the surface as the sun started to set in open sea. Thomas had the incredible great fortune to come face to face with this magnificent Whale in the water, an exhilarating experience and “Bucket-list dream” come true. 

It was an exceptional voyage with a wonderful group of Wild Earth Explorers.


PHOTO CREDIT © Thomas Baechtold, Gina Covington