Geraldine 'JD' Massyn

Expedition Leader, Naturalist & Snorkel Guide

JD was born for adventure in Pretoria, South Africa. Driven by her passion for nature and a free spirit, JD abandoned a professional career in law to pursue epic journeys which have taken her across the world’s oceans, to all seven continents and to some of the most remote island destinations. Having spent the last 26 years working in diverse roles aboard ships, JD now specializes in Expedition travel. When at home, ‘in the office’ she is constantly researching and planning the intricate logistics involved, to create new and enticing trips for her guests. When on tour, whether on land or at sea, she works as Expedition Leader and keen Naturalist. JD is a confident skipper holding certificates in power boating and surf launching. She has more recently qualified as an RYA Yacht Master and spends around 3 months of the year living and sailing in the Seychelles. She is a certified Field Guide in her native South Africa and a skilled Naturalist, who eagerly shares her unique knowledge of the fauna and flora. An intrepid explorer, JD brings her distinctive brand of enthusiasm, strong customer service orientation and a high level of energy to each journey to ensure every single expedition is packed with adventure and discovery. 

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