Indrajit Latey

Expedition Leader, Wildlife Guide & Photographer

Indrajit has worked in the field of adventure sports and wildlife for the past 20 years. His passion for wildlife & nature was ignited in his childhood years, when he spent most of his summers in the Melghat tiger reserve in Northern Maharashtra. With an intense passion for photography, he has a proficiency in ornithology, mammals and natural history. He started his outdoor career with Nature Trails – an environmental education campsite and went onto work with WWF Pune as a Naturalist. Having spent the past 7 years working in Kanha National Park, he has particularly gained insight and expertise in central Indian forests. He has travelled extensively around the country and whether he is guiding wildlife groups, diving coral reefs or skiing in the Himalayas, Indrajit is at home in all terrains. He believes that the urban man has lost touch with nature and strongly feels that educating and helping people reconnect with nature will go a long ways in invoking the spirit of awareness and conservation. According to Indrajit, conservation of wildlife and natural landscapes is essential for the long time survival of the human race. 

Indrajit has explored and guided in over 30 National parks and wildlife sanctuaries all over India and his specialty are the parks of central India. He was the lead naturalist guide on our last “India & Maldives” expedition and got rave reviews from all our Wild Earth Explorers. 

I have to admit that I think about our adventure all the time. It really did have a deep affect on me. The team in every location were amazing. The quality of service and knowledge to ensure we were well taken care of and happy was first class. All details for travel within India were complete, all we had to do was show up. Everyday was a new adventure, truly a once in a lifetime vacation. Thank you to Thomas, the entire team and Indrajit who made the trip all that more special with his knowledge, patience and happy demeanour. The memories will last forever!
— Wendy V. United States

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