Sabine Templeton

Fish geek, Underwater Naturalist & Conservation Biologist

Born in Washington DC to an American father and French mother- Sabine was raised between the East coast of the United States, Hawaii and France. Her parents were ocean lovers and instilled in her a deep love of the sea through sailing, surfing and windsurfing. Sabine graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelors in Science, majoring in Marine Science and Conservation Biology. After a brief stint working in a fish lab, she decided that working outdoors and immersed in nature was her true calling. To pursue her passion for the ocean and the outdoors she became a PADI Dive Instructor in 2008. In 2011 she picked up a camera and passport and began travelling around the world working in the dive industry, expanding her knowledge of coral reef ecology, and honing her underwater photography skills. Sabine has extensive work experience in the Hawaiian Islands, the Caribbean, Fiji and across Indonesia. The past 3 years she has specialized in luxury dive and snorkel experiences on some of the most remote and pristine coral reefs on the planet. Currently she is the Dive Centre Manager at Misool Resort in Raja Ampat, a leading conservation focused resort. Organising meaningful and authentic wildlife encounters while promoting the protection and wellbeing of the environment has become the driving force of her career. She loves sharing her knowledge and passion for the ocean and the outdoors with others. When not leading guests, she can be found collecting critical data on the Indonesian Manta Ray population as Director of the Misool Manta Project.

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