Suzanne Noakes

Papua New Guinea Specialist

Suzanne Noakes is a bundle of fun and we are thrilled to have her expertise on our wild adventure through the cultural portions of this PNG expedition. Her exuberant nature coupled with her incredible local knowledge of people, place and culture will enhance your personal experience tenfold. We’ve been fortunate to have travelled with Suzanne to some of the most remote corners of Melanesia on many expeditions and look forward to her joining forces with Wild Earth Expeditions on this miraculous journey into the heart of Papua New Guinea. 

Suzanne Noakes is an adventurer by heart; travelling to every continent she has developed a deep understanding of the great variety and vibrancy of people and cultures that inhabit these amazing places. Over the past 27 years she has travelled extensively throughout Papua New Guinea and Asia Pacific, leading up to 100 expeditions for private groups, university alumni and conservation associations. Suzanne’s key attribute is her refreshing ability to interact with local people, allowing for a broader in depth cultural experience for travellers. Her expertise, humour, energy and rapport whilst on tour along with her warm personal style receive the highest praise from travellers – “The list of superlatives is long —everyone agreed that our tour leader Suzanne was possibly the nicest and brightest and funniest guide we'd ever come across—and that was one very well-travelled group of people." Patricia Schultz, Author 1,000 Places to See Before You Die. She is also a part-owner of eco-lodges in Australia and Indonesia, promoting tourism – the hand maiden to conservation. 

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