Macstyl Sasao

Palau Naturalist, Dive and Snorkel Guide

Macstyl grew up in the Republic of Palau, paddling his outrigger canoe and surrounded by the wild outdoors.  By age six he'd learned to climb coconut trees much to the delight of his aunties who enjoyed their cool drinks on the breezy tropical beaches.  He'd also mastered the art of capturing land and coconut crabs which are two of the local delicacies. 

By age 7 Macstyl was swept away by extended family to provide better educational opportunities in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Fishing for salmon came naturally to a young man who'd grown up around the master fishermen of Micronesia. Macstyl was introduced to kayaking in high school on an excursion to the beautiful San Juan Islands.  Enamored with the opportunity to paddle among seals, sea lions, and orcas, Macstyl wondered if there would be some way to make his living showing off the wonders of nature.

Mactstyl returned to Palau after high school and found an eager group of cousins and uncles who were anxious to teach him the advanced arts of Micronesian hunting and fishing.  Abandoning his western customs, Macstyl quickly adapted to a lifestyle which revolved around the moon and the tides.  This lunar existence required an intimate knowledge of fish behavior, requiring Macstyl to free dive under the full moon light in search of massive aggregations of spawning fish.  The gentle half moon tides allowed Mac to spear fish in the normally current swept channels.  The bounty of the sea was equally distributed among his clan in the traditional Palauan customs.  True to their customs, his family took from the ocean only what they needed for their sustainable use.  When not providing for his clan, Macstyl began travelling throughout Oceania as a competitive outrigger canoe paddler, and competed in the Micronesian Olympics and Oceania Games.

All the while, an Eco-Tourism industry had begun to develop in Palau and Macstyl soon realized that he could make his living sharing his passion for Palau's environment with visitors from around the world.  Macstyl traded his spear gun for an under-water camera and discovered that the skills he'd mastered as a fishermen, were turning him into a gifted photographer.  Most recently, Macstyl discovered the joys of Quad-Copters and has been tracking Dugongs, Whales, and Dolphins with his aerial viewfinder.  He hopes to use his data and imagery to help guide policy at the state and national level, in the hopes of protecting Palau's fragile environment and precious resources. 

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